What are the Laws Controlling Commercial Skip Hire ?

The National skip Hire Association was formed for the purpose of advancing the waste Industry in a professional and just manner throughout Britain.

One of their main aims will be to work along with the Trading Standards office in taking action against those traders using unorthodox methods and giving the waste industry a bad reputation.

All householders in England are now responsible for making sure that their waste is only passed on to authorised carriers only, you are legally responsible  for making sure your rubbish is passed on to an authorised carrier and not some cowboy firm. The fines can be hefty and up to five thousand pounds.

Most of us are unaware of this law, but being ignorant is no excuse, so it’s crucial that you make sure you are dealing with an authorised carrier who should supply you with their waste carrier number. 

Some property owners may not know that when hiring a skip there are very strict laws and regulations controlling the disposal of waste, it is important to know where the skip can and cannot be placed without a permit, also the type of waste that is allowed to be put in the skip.

Placing of a Skip

If the skip is to be placed on private property there is no need for a permit, however, if you are having is located on the public highway or pavement, you will need a permit which can be obtained from your local authority, but most reputable skip hire companies will sort this for you:  

There are some items that cannot be disposed of in a skip without a special permit, just call James Skip Hire if you have any of the following to dispose of:





Oil or paint


These items can be disposed of by specialist skip hire companies.

James Skip Hire will be able to supply you with everything you are looking for, assuring you that your waste will be disposed of safely.

Fly tipping is illegal this also can come with a hefty fine if you are caught, there is also the sneak who dumps waste into the skip you have hired and if this is any of the hazardous waste as mentioned above; you could be the one who faces a fine. Preventing this kind of fly tipping can be difficult, unless you sit up all night guarding your skip there is not much you can do about it, just check what is in your skip each day.

If you follow the above information you will be sure to avoid paying any of those fines, just keep an eye on what is placed in your skip, also making sure you are using a registered waste carrier and you should have a stress free time getting rid of your rubbish.