Specialist Skip Hire Services

What is special Waste ?

With all today’s increased legislation it is more important than ever to use a specialist skip hire company to dispose of your special waste such as batteries, industrial solvents, pesticides, oil and  other such hazardous wastes including computers / monitors, fridges/freezers, gas bottles etc.,

Additional list of some typical special waste:


Alkaline Solutions

Pharmaceutical compounds

Wood preservatives

Photographic Chemicals

These lists can be endless in this ever increasing technological age

You must inform the Commercial skip hire company that you have special waste products, you will have to fill in any relevant details about the waste to be disposed of and usually give the hire company notice of around 3 days so the hire company can arrange where to send your waste and dispose of it safely.

More and more local authorities are bringing in stricter controls on the disposal of all waste, and more recently calls for all waste to be processed before going to landfill sites.

Waste Disposal Rules for Skip Companies

Commercial Skip Hire companies must keep a register of consignment note copies for a maximum of 3 years and producers of the waste also must keep records of the special waste produced.

Are there any fines for breaking these rules, the short answer is yes – if you are convicted for not adhering with regulations you could be fined up to five thousand pounds plus costs, or spend up to 2 years in prison, it is important that the skip hire company is up to speed on all the regulations governing special waste products if they want to avoid any hefty fines.

With the Commercial skip hire companies rising to the challenges that are required of them, they are introducing better services to enable them to cope with all the new demands of the waste industry.