Skip for hire in Birmingham

In Birmingham there’ll be a lot of skip hire companies in Google for you to choose from. 

All this choice might seem overwhelming at first, but if you do your homework you will find cheap skip hire in Birmingham that will meet all your needs. 

So where do you start ? What size skip do you need ? Are there any restrictions as to what I can put in the skip ? Where can a skip be located or not located ? There are so many things to look into before you place that order for the hire of a skip.

Firstly, take steps to ensure that the skip hire company you choose are a responsible company, most of the skip hire companies have their own licensed waste transfer stations and these are controlled by the Environment Agency.

Secondly, and most importantly that the skip hire company you choose is reliable in delivering and collecting the skip and not leaving you with it any longer than necessary, as  you do hear of it happening and you don’t want to be left with a skip in your garden or on the roadside any longer than necessary.

The Mini Skip

This size of skip is more suitable for domestic projects. These small skips are ideal for those smaller jobs around the home ie garden waste that cannot fit in the usual domestic bins, and all general garden clearance.

A Mini Skip is also ideal for small building projects and for getting rid of old carpeting or floor tiles and any general household rubbish.

These skips can generally be placed on the property due to their small size.

The Midi Skip

This skip is not really much bigger than the mini skip but will hold almost twice the amount of waste.

These medium sized skips are a boon if you are refitting your kitchen, you can break up the old ones and this skip will hold it, there is plenty of room for worktops or even an old mattress that you want to dispose of.

If you have a large landscaping job in mind this size could be the right one for you, because you do not have any problems with weight restrictions as with the larger skips.

These midi skips can be located quite close to the property; they can also suitable to be sited on the roadway, bearing in mind that you will need a permit from the local authority.

The Large Skip

These do need a large space in which to be sited, either on the roadway or pavement for which you will need a permit from your local authority.

These skips are mostly suitable for disposing of furniture such as sofas’ wardrobes and even bed frames, these large skips are big enough to handle most bulky items.

Builders Skips

These are the most common skips in use today and can be used for domestic and commercial use.

These skips are ideal for building projects and suitable for all rubble and bricks from internal walls, old wooden window frames, in fact they are perfect for all types of waste material in the building trade and you can be sure all this waste will be disposed of safely.

Items which are not suitable for Any of the skips include hazardous objects such as Fridges, Freezers and Televisions, these items must be disposed of safely and your local authority will advise you as how to do this.