Searching for cheap Birmingham Skip Hire

Prior to rushing off and employing the first one you see, look into your need for a skip, will you have enough rubbish to economically fill it, there are other methods of getting rid of products.

One that is cheap but effective is to make your own bio-waste products.

Use bio-waste as a mulch
Biological matter, both the dead insects and the bacteria that are not viable food for humans can provide a rich base for organic mulch. Using the dead matter provides you with organic mulch. There is no need for chemicals to kill these bugs as the bugs will choke on the dead bugs. This will kill some of the insects, the bacteria will work, the decomposing matter will sink to the bottom and it will break down organic matter and bring nutrients up for your plants.

Do not buy the cheap products
There are several ways to make your own bio-waste products. The cheapest way is to buy the chemical based products. These products are in large plastic bottles that are very expensive. Many of these products contain heavy metals which are extremely toxic and may kill some of the insects that ingest them.

The cheaper way to make your own bio-waste products is to make your own mulch. Create your own mulch using shredded leaves, newspaper, pine needles and straw as mulch. Pine needles are usually less expensive than paper or plastic bottles.

Get rid of the unwanted mulch
If you have plastic bottles and can’t see the point in making your own bio-waste products you can always take the unwanted mulch to the dump. Some of it is still good but there are many of the bad plastic bottles that will break and send their contents to the dump. You can take it to a local recycling center that will recycle your mulch and send it back to you in plastic bottles for recycling.

Do you have a compost heap? If so you can get your hands on the organic mulch that is left after the organic compost has decomposed. Mulch is a great way of recycling the compost material and will also add nutrients to your compost pile.