How to arrange cheap skip hire Birmingham

Whatever your requirements; domestic or commercial small or large, there are many skip hire companies available that will provide the right service for you and there are skips of many varying sizes, Skip hire companies come in many sizes from one man operations to companies with a small fleet of vehicles, to larger operators that will service both domestic and commercial waste disposal requirements.

Any workman will tell you that the secret of a job well done is in the preparation.  There are many reasons why you might need to hire a skip, but whatever they are you must be prepared to answer some questions from the skip hire company, for example what size, where it to be located is and what sort of rubbish will be deposited in it.

If you want to have your skip located on the road then you will have to have a permit, obviously it is cheaper to place your skip on your own private property, be we know that this isn’t always feasible.  You must also be aware if you do have to have a permit they may only available for a set duration.

Many skip hire companies will now arrange for a permit on your behalf as part of their service to you, but this will depend on what rules the local council may have governing permits, it may be that you have to apply yourself or online, so be sure to apply in the correct manner.

If you are having the skip placed on the public highway, it cannot be more than 5metres long or more than 2 metres wide and must be in a position as to not obstruct drivers, pedestrians, manholes, drains or anything that could obstruct say the fire service or ambulance services.  Under normal circumstances a skip cannot be placed within 15 yards of a road junction.

You should also agree with your skip hire company what you can and what you cannot put into your skip as there are regulations set down in all local council rules, your local skip hire company will be able to advise you on all these details.