Cheap skip hire Birmingham – Useful things to consider

There are often many important aspects people need to consider before choosing a cheap skip hire in Birmingham

You will have to think about the materials that you will be getting rid of and if they are legal. You will need a specialty skip hire service if you are disposing of anything hazardous such as oil, gas bottles, fridge/freezers tv’s etc.,

You will need to consider how much waste you will be disposing of and what size skip you require, alternatively you will have to think about whether you will need a waste disposal permit if you are having the skip located on the public highway.

You must think carefully about what size skip you would like to hire checking the amount that is to be disposed of, as under United Kingdom law it is an offence for the Skip driver to remove a skip with rubbish above the fill line, so it is advisable to hire a skip big enough to hold all your rubbish.

Skip hire companies mainly provide services to the commercial market and the domestic market.  It is therefore, important that you choose the James Skip Hire company for your needs.

Some companies will not give you a quote over the phone and will only operate on a cash payment system to the driver.

Consider the accessibility, can the skip you hired be safely deposited as close to your property as possible, you wouldn’t like any walls or fencing to get broken due to poor planning.