Cheap Skip Hire Birmingham – Advice and Tips

Before rushing off and hiring the first one you see, look into your need for a skip, will you have enough rubbish to economically fill it, there are other ways of disposing of materials.

Once you have made your decision to hire a skip, make sure you have all your information clear before contacting a skip hire company.  Firstly, how long do you need the skip for, how long is that little job going to take you, next think about the size of skip, keeping in mind that  we always underestimate the amount of waste that we will make. Lastly think about the drop off and the location of the skip.

You are now ready to order your cheap skip hire in Birmingham, do you search online or use that good old standby, the telephone directory. Today the most commonly used way of looking for cheap skip hire is the internet.  Most companies will now have a website for you to look at to view all the different sizes of skips and services that they offer.

Another way to source a cheap skip hire company is by word of mouth, this is probably one of the best adverts for any hire company.  If you know someone who has had dealings with a certain hire company and they sing their praises you know you will be on to a winner.

By calling as many companies as you can you will probably be able to negotiate a good deal, especially if you tell them about another quote you have just received, sometimes they will either match this or possibly be cheaper.

Once you have got your skip delivered and start the process of filling it, by breaking down large items such as wardrobes, this will take up less space and you will get more into your skip. By being at home when the skip arrives will ensure that the skip located in the place of your choice, that is if you are having it placed in your drive or garden. If you have to place it on the road or pavement make sure you have the relevant permits, your skip hire company can do this for you, but if they don’t offer this service your local authority will be able to help you.

Do not leave your skip empty for too long as you may find that someone else has rubbish to get rid of either when you are out or at night, why should you pay to remove other people’s rubbish.

Do not overload the skip as there are regulations covering the amount a skip hold, this should not be above the top of the skip.  Also the driver could refuse to take the load, as health and safety laws prevent him from doing so, by taking a load that is too much the driver could lose his licence.