5 Top Tips for Choosing a Commercial Skip Hire Company

So you’ve finally embarked on that attic clear-out or gutted that groovy ’80s kitchen. Maybe you’re a contractor who needs the site to be tidied up to put the gloss on a great job.

Whatever your requirements, you’ll want a commercial skip hire company that can take all the hassle out of waste disposal and deliver a high quality service at a low price.

To help you make your decision, follow these top tips for choosing the right skip hire company.


You’ll want to feel you’re in good hands, that’s why experience is so important when comparing skip hire companies.

A firm with years of experience will make you feel confident that they are well-placed to deal with whatever problems arise. You’ll also get years of expertise, ensuring a smooth process from the first phone call or online enquiry to the professional disposal of your waste.


No matter what the size of your job, you’ll probably have a budget in mind.

You won’t want the costs mounting up with expensive skip hire, so finding a company which delivers affordable, yet reliable, skip hire is essential.

Skip Size

No two jobs are the same, therefore the size of skip you require may be different to someone else. You’ll want a company who can provide a wide range of skip sizes to choose from. Renovating a large building in London will require a bigger skip than clearing out a bit of garden waste.

James Skip Hire can offer customers skips from two to 40 cubic yards in size so we’re pretty sure you can find what you’re looking for.

Hire Agreement

It may not always be easy estimate for what length of time you’ll need a skip. Therefore, you’ll need a company that is accommodating and flexible when it comes to the hire agreement.


You should look for a company with a sound environmental policy and which adheres to the most up-to-date government guidelines. You can be sure that James Skip Hire ticks these boxes as we hold all the relevant licences and are committed to responsible and environmentally-friendly waste disposal.

Our operators hold a certificate of registration under the Control of Pollution Act 1989.

If you are looking for a company that complies to all this criteria, then look no further than James Skip Hire. Check out our website or call our expert team today for more information about our services.